Bioptigen Envisu Spectral Domain Ophthalmic Imaging Systems

Bioptigen SDOCT systems are named Envisu

Bioptigen creates state-of-the-art SDOCT systems designed to deliver the maximum flexibility and performance for pre-clinical research and targeted applications in clinical ophthalmology.

Bioptigen Envisu C-Class systems are designed for use with human patients of all ages. Bioptigen Envisu C2200 and C2300 are the first OCT systems to be cleared by the FDA for handheld imaging, and for imaging of patients from premature infants to adult, seated or supine, awake or under anesthesia. These products are also cleared for use in the European Union, Canada, and Australia.

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Bioptigen Envisu R-Class systems are designed to provide pre-clinical researchers with the best in high throughput, high resolution imaging systems, suitable for rapid screening and in-depth analysis with unparalleled imaged quality and maximum flexibility. These systems are designed to provide the maximum return on investment, whether the aim is to improve productivity in translational research or reduce costs associated pre-clinical discovery and development.

Envisu systems feature wideband sources and model-specific optics combined with proprietary signal processing for the best in high resolution, wide dynamic range images of animal models from mouse pup to rabbit, from zebrafish to elephant.

For small animal models, we offer a patented animal management system that maximizes productivity of non-contact imaging for rapid screening, and enables rapid rotations to image across the maximum field of view.

We are committed to innovation for the research community. We will continue to deliver commercial systems to the pre-clinical research community through our R-Class product line.

R-Class systems are contraindicated for use with humans.

C2300 Envisu

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